Happy with our work???  These folks are.  Check out our first review on Columbus Yelp!

To see the full review, click the link below:


” ‘They won’t… we will!’ is their motto, and the girls certainly lived up to our expectations. No pre-cleaning was required for their visit. I made cookies before they arrived, and left the mixing bowl and utensils in the sink, along with a few dishes from the previous night’s dinner. I didn’t have to dust, clear surfaces, or empty shelves. The girls tackled it all.
Jaqy and Michelle arrived promptly at 2:00 p.m. and wasted no time getting down to their dirty business. With environmentally-friendly cleaning products, some house-made, they eradicated grease, busted dust and annihilated odors………Throughout the cleaning, the girls were very respectful of our home, our property and our cats. ”  -Morgan J., Hilliard, OH


If you’re happy with our work, we want to hear about it! Recommend us to a friend!  We’ll give you $25 off your next visit when your friend schedules a cleaning service.

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